What is Autism?

So the question that everybody wants to know the answer to:What is Autism? Is it a disease? Is there a cure? Can people just ‘become Autistic?’ The answers to all of this are NO.
Autism is alifelong disorder which is characterised by poor/delayed communication and interaction in the social world. I’m no Psychologist or Doctor but I have real life experience with Autism because my son is Autistic.
“Wow! She’s so normal about it!” I hear you say right? Because of course Autism is somthing to be ashamed of, right? Especially being from a Paistani origin. No! It’s not a shameful thing and I am proud of my boy. This is what led me to create my page ‘Accept Autism.’ It is for people who have the personal experience of Autism or just those who are intrigued!
Follow my journey and see how I accepted Autism eventhough it’s a taboo subject in my culture.

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